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After a general introduction to the pure and transparent characteristics of watercolor as well as the layering of colors, we will begin to seek the true essence of nature, such as sunlight, cold moon and the smell of mud. Subjects include still life, landscape and our imagination. Students will be challenged to discover new aspects of the medium. There will be discussions related to the process of painting during each class. Sketching and drawing will be encouraged as a base of study for artistic vision. Feel free to bring in works for critique. All levels welcome.
Instructor : Katie Sloss and Kate Finnegan
Wednesday Evening: 7 - 9:30 p.m.

Fall Tuition: Classes begin 1st Wednesday after Labor Day (no class 1st Wed of Nov and Wed before Thanksgiving)
$300 / 12 weeks; senior/student $ 260
Winter Tuition:  Classes begin 2nd week of January
$250/ 10 weeks, senior/student $215 
Spring Tuition: Classes begin last week of March
$250/ 10 weeks, senior/student $215 or four classes $125 senior/student $105 
Summer Tuition: Classes meet in June and July 4
class option $125; senior/student $105

Payment Options

Watercolor with Gary Tucker

watercolor painting series

Advancing with Watercolor - Developing a Motif
A sustained focus on a single motif or theme  can contribute greatly to the development of the individual artist.  Consider Constable and clouds, Turner and the sea, Monet and haystacks...During this session each artist will chose a motif or an image and over the 8 weeks create a body of work that develops and extends that motif. Beginning from drawings and studies the artist will internalize the subject through immersion. Later working towards interpretation through mood as generated by color, edge, shape and tonal contrast with the same subject.  The goal will be to produce a body of work that that reveals a saturation in the subject, the ability to form interpretations of the the subject, and a  deeper understanding of the visual language.

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Days and Times
Wednesday AM
10 am– 1pm -

Thursday AM
10 am– 12:45 pm

Thursday PM
1:15pm – 4pm

Saturday AM
10 AM - 1 PM

Instructor : Gary Tucker

Watercolor Sketching and more













This class will focus on watercolor but will include sketching studies and colored pencil studies related to watercolor. We will also practice working with water and enjoying the meditative magic of painting. A series of discussions and exercises developed by Mr. Aso about the layering process and dot project will also be included. There will be a group critique by the teacher.

Mondays 1 – 3:30 pm - Instructor: Kate Finnegan

Fall Tuition: Classes begin 1st Monday after Labor Day (no class 2nd Monday of October) $325 / 13 weeks; senior/student $ 280
Winter Tuition: Classes begin 1st Monday after New Year Day (no classes 3rd Mon of Jan; 3rd Mon of Feb) $200/ 8 weeks, senior/student $170 
Spring Tuition: Classes begin last week of March (no class 3rd Mon of April) $200/ 8 weeks, senior/student $170
Summer Tuition: Classes meet in June and July 4 class option $125; senior/student $105

Watercolor Class Options



Mixed Media/Individual Projects

Watercolor for brightness and transparency
Gouache for opacity and weight
Watercolor pencil for detail and definition.
Combining these three materials, we will look for ways to expand our original vision..a some new emphasis, some new realization.  
Surprise yourself!  Individual projects of your choice.
Any and all levels welcome.

Tuesday 11 am - 1pm - Instructor: Katie Sloss
This class will be available next year – To be Announced $125 for 4 sessions, senior/ student $105