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Thursday night Philosophy Discussion

Thursday night DiscussionDiscussion
For more than 30 years members, poets, artists, musicians, met every Thursday evening with Mr. Aso to discuss and examine such topics as "substance and phenomena", "art and science", "the concept center", and other such topics. Often these topics concluded with the publishing of a manuscript. We would discuss the writing of philosophers and poets, as well as composers and artists. Using this subject matter we were able to exercise our brains and search for fresh ways of thinking. 


Green Tea Substance and Phenomenon

I told a student today that if she starts a painting from painting she will never get painting. She would have to start somewhere else because painting is a category and human existence is not included in this category or this existence. So always we have to have something which is outside of painting and we have to start from this point; or you can start from painting and then reach to life or general human existence. Then painting comes to belong to human existence or life. If you do reach to general human existence or life then painting becomes painting. If you are able to see painting that means you are outside of painting. I don’t know at how high a level, but anyway you are existing as a human being – there is no doubt. - Kaji Aso 1974

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Moon Beyond the Branches Rebellion and Reason

Descartes has the idea of philosophy that to find out the truth you must doubt everything, and what is left is the truth. But this doesn’t work...always doubting everything. Still, they teach this dumb idea at colleges, it is almost like a cartoon. This idea of conceptual art and rebellion, that in doing something “against” they can establish their position and prove their existence is totally nonsense. You never know, you are fighting huge monster, but huge monster could be just shadow of something else...if it was real thing that is something else. It is like Don Quixote and his windmill.


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