::::: Haiku Contest Results :::::

The Results of Kaji Aso Studio’s International Haiku Contest 2015

This program is supported by the Consul General of Japan in Boston

Kaji Aso Studio has been happy to see such an international participation in our annual haiku contest. This means that Japanese cultural is being understood by more and more people. We are encouraged by your participation and hope that you will continue to write haiku and think of Kaji Aso Studio as your supporter.


full flower moon
a soft-shelled crab
emerges from itself

First prize -
- Alan S. Bridges, Littleton, Massachusetts


dry season
each cowherd’s song
to the well


Second Prize -
- Roland Packer, Hamilton, Ontario

birdsong before dawn
all the lives
I’ve lived


Third Prize -
-Mike Blöttenberger, Hanover, Pennsylvania



Senryu Award

wild daisies
on my grave

- Ernest Berry, New Zealand

Honorable Mentions


slowly, slowly
through lilies-of-the-valley
toad at noon

- Sheila K. Barksdale, Gainesville, Florida


tail of a hurricane
the place where butterflies flit
scattered with plums

- John Barlow, Ormskirk, United Kingdom


between headstones a snow angel

- Alan S. Bridges Littleton, Massachusetts


coloring outside the lines Alzheimer’s

- Alan S. Bridges Littleton, Massachusetts


special education class—
on the beach … wind in my hair
her first haiku

Beverley George Umina Beach, Australia


day moon…
fiddleheads unfurl
in their time

- Michele L. Harvey Hamilton, New York


gathering clouds
he clucks his horse
into a trot

- Michele L. Harvey Hamilton, New York


rail bed cinder…
a killdeer leads me
away from her eggs

- Michele L. Harvey Hamilton, New York


the silence
of black-eyed Susans
autumn moon

- Earl R. Keener, Bethany, West Virginia


advent calendar
a little door opens to

- Scott Mason, Chappaqua, New York




slanted light
the bitter taste
of morphine

-Michele Harvey, Hamilton, New York


political banter paradiddle

-Roland Packer, Ontario, Canada


the care she takes in cutting her paper heart

-Julie Warther, Dover, Ohio