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Studies in Japanese Culture


Japanese Calligraphy with Michiko Imai


Michiko Imai Calligrapher Visiting Master Calligrapher
Michiko Imai

Michiko will talk about the origin of characters and their meaning. She will demonstrate and go over the fundamentals of calligraphy. Students will learn about Japanese culture and manners when Michiko inserts her thoughts and humor.
All levels of students are welcome.
Wednesday 4 to 6 pm

Monthly 4 week sessions
offered Sept, Oct, Nov, March, April, May, June, July
Tuition: $120 for 4-week session student/senior $100
Contact: administrator@kajiasostudio.com
for availability and registration before paying online

To learn more about Michiko visit Michiko's web site here
You can e-mail administrator@kajiasostudio.com for more information on this special course.

Japanese Calligraphy and the Asian Brush


Michiko Imai Calligrapher
For beginners and experienced artists. The techniques of the Asian brush will be taught through practicing Japanese pictographic characters. No previous knowledge of Japanese is necessary.

Monday 6:30 to 8:30p.m

Fall Tuition: Classes begin 1st Monday after Labor Day
(no class 2nd Monday of October)
$325 / 13 weeks; senior/student $ 280
Winter Tuition: Classes begin 1st Monday after New Year Day
(no classes 3rd Mon of Jan; 3rd Mon of Feb)
$200/ 8 weeks, senior/student $170 
Spring Tuition: Classes begin last week of March
(no class 3rd Mon of April)
$200/ 8 weeks, senior/student $170
Summer Tuition: Classes begin first week in June.
$200/ 8 weeks, senior/student $170

Instructor: Michael Biales




Japanese Tea Ceremony

Green Tea

Japanese Tea Ceremony
Boston’s first Japanese Tea House. Note: The reservation and wait list is currently full. Please contact administrator@kajiasostudio.com to be on the announcement list for future availability. Fee: $40.00 per person Reservations required and teas are scheduled for certain Sundays 4-6 pm. To get on the announcement list for more detailed information please email: administrator@kajiasostudio.com
Tea Hostess: Kate Finnegan
Head Apprentice: Jennifer Wu


Japanese Design

Whale Spotting

Japanese Interior and Graphic Design
Mr. Abiko is an award-winning designer and well-established in the Japanese design community. His international clientele includes Toyota, Royal Host and Laura Ashley. Individual consultations by appointment are scheduled with Mr. Abiko.
Toshio Abiko (visiting artist)



Japanese Poetry

audianceHaiku Workshop
What is haiku? What makes a haiku tick? Learn from the masters as we analyze and appreciate classical and modern Japanese haiku and related forms in the original Japanese, in gloss, and in translation. We then use these as springborards to write our own haiku (in English or Japanese), exploring the internal structures and our own memories and imaginations in crafting “the wordless poem”. Some renga workshops (link verse) may be scheduled as well. Tuesday
Wednesday 9:30 - 11 p.m. Available all seasons
Contact administrator@kajiasostudio.com for schedule.
$5 per class RSVP required
Leader: John Ziemba

Boston Haiku Society

Poetry ReadingThis group meets monthly to discuss and share haiku poems. The group welcomes anyone interested in writing Haiku. The Boston Haiku Society’s long term members are active locally and internationally, and their publication “Biting the Sun” is now in bookstores. Founders: Kaji Aso. John Ziemba, Raffael DeGruttola, David Schuster, Lawrence Rungren and Glen Gustafson.
The Third Saturday of each month starts at 2 p.m. and goes to about 6 p.m. Fee: $4 / per meeting.
Leader: John Ziemba Further Info: administrator@kajiasostudio.com




Japanese Cultural Afternoon

Satokagura Every May we celebrate spring and Japanese Culture by highlighting Japanese calligraphy and sumi painting, Haiku and more! To get on the announcement list for more detailed information please email: administrator@kajiasostudio.com