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Mr. Kaji Aso

Kaji Aso ~ Artist

1936 - 2006

Green Tea Kaji Aso Petite Museum
Mr. Kaji Aso left behind a large collection of paintings, drawings, etchings, and sculpture. It is a future plan to establish the "Kaji Aso Petite Museum" to house his works. Until then a rotating permanent exhibit is kept at the Kaji Aso Studio.


Moon Beyond the Branches Endless Journey
The Haiga of Kaji Aso

The works included in this book are taken from the years 1985 – 2005. Some of the paintings are based on poems by other poets such as Basho, Issa and Buson as well as haiga written by Mr. Aso. Attempts were made to show the variety of Mr. Aso’s favorite subjects and his wide range of styles from the sublime to the humorous.
Once Mr. Aso was asked where he found inspiration for his poetry. He replied, “I find inspiration from my daily life”.

This is the first of a series of books presenting the full scope of Mr. Aso’s art work. Future books will present the calligraphy, oil paintings, watercolor paintings, etchings, poetry, and philosophical essays by Kaji Aso. View Here




Web Site

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A web site devoted to Mr. Aso's unique thought, art work, poetry, and music. We update Mr. Aso's web site with works new and old as they are cataloged. Poetry, short stories, and music also are being updated.
Presentations and video clips of river trips , concerts and lectures are available to view.



We are keeping an on-line journal with stories, condolances, and tributes offered to us since Mr. Aso's passing. If you would like to view these entries or contribute your own story go here
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