::::: Boston Japanese Tea House Flower Wind :::::

Boston's First Japanese Tea house
"House of Flower Wind"

Calligraphy by Kaji Aso
" One meeting, full of friendship"
The translation of this calligraphy piece by Mr. Kaji Aso is the phrase that embodies the essential concept of tea ceremony.

To view a slide show of the tea house and garden go here


Introduction to Tea Ceremony
To participate in the tea ceremony there are no stressful rules. You will enter the waiting room next to the teahouse through the garden. The garden was composed to compliment the teahouse and presents a different beauty with each season. After a short wait you will be invited in then you will give a light greeting to your host. To your left side you will see the "Tokonoma" where the art piece for that day is presented. You are encouraged to enjoy it and then you will be guided to your seat. You may enjoy conversation during the tea ceremony, except when the host is preparing tea. The subjects of conversation should be concerned with the harmony of the people who are attending tea. After all there is no difficulty in tea ceremony, only enjoyment.

Biographies of Tea Masters

Mr. Kaji Aso (1936-2006)
Mr Aso had various experiences of tea ceremony school in Japan. He sought the most original and ancient form of tea ceremony. So, for Mr. Aso, tea ceremony is not the typical tea school type of tea ceremony. Instead he adopted the true tradition of tea and the true enjoyment of friendship through sharing a sip of tea with people.

Ms. Kate Finnegan
Ms. Kate Finnegan has studied Japanese tea ceremony once a week, under the direction of Mr. Aso from 1980 to 2006.  She has been to Japan numerous times and has done her own research of tea as well. Her vision of tea is not just the adaptation of a certain style, but has a more wide understanding of life and nature, as her master believed as well. At Mr. Aso’s request and with her deep gratitude, she continues his way of tea ceremony.

Schedule for tea ceremony
Note: The reservation and wait list is currently full. Please contact administrator@kajiasostudio.com to be on the announcement list for future availability.
Fee: $40.00 per person
Reservations required and teas are scheduled for certain Sundays 4-6 pm.
You may make a reservation by calling (617) 247 1719
Dress should be clean and neat. No jeans please.

You may also view slides of our Tea House and Tea garden here