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Dear Friends of Kaji Aso Studio, 

        We are not only surviving we are thriving. Thank you to all for the support from you, your family, and friends. Kaji Aso Studio has also been the recipient of several local city and statewide grants during the Covid time. With the grants we have made improvements and updates to our staff and programming. Announcing Our New Team-Welcome!
            Administrative Assistant-Monita Rashbanjani
           Concert Series Director-Mikiko Sato
            Strategy Consultant-Nehal Patel
           Please see the attached sheet with all the particulars and how to contact them.
           A big shout out to our faculty that remained connected and now are teaching in-person. A new improved website will be your guide to our in-person exhibits, hybrid classes and concerts.

Website: Also follow us on Facebook and Instagram: KajiAsoStudio.
           The Studio is coming upon the 50th Anniversary in 2023. We know how happy Mr. Aso would be that the spirit of art is enduring at Kaji Aso Studio and are already planning to make it a grand event. You have been with us through the thin and thick of it. We know everyone is asking, yet we still need your donation to continue as a valuable resource for the community. Please know that any contribution -no matter how small or large-is deeply appreciated. Let us continue to celebrate what we have done together as we look forward to our 50th Anniversary.
Many thanks,
Jeanne Gugino and Katherine Sloss, Trustees
for Kaji Aso Studio with a big shoutout and thank you to Kate Finnegan, Executive Director

Kaji Aso Studio Institute for the Arts is a 501 (c).(3) tax-exempt art organization.

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