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Kaji Aso

Artist, Teacher, Mentor

Revisit Tea Remembrance

with link below.

Remembrance Tea on YouTube- Click Here

Memories and Remembrance of Kaji Aso


On March 11, 2006 Kaji Aso, artist, visionary and teacher, passed away.

Please remember Mr. Aso by watching this 1997 interview where you can hear his voice and thoughts while learning about his life and activities.


We are forever grateful when Mr. Aso came to Boston on March 10, 1967.


CLICK HERE to watch Kaji Aso Interview on Youube 

Haiku written upon arriving in Boston on March 10, 1967

spring water

on the back of fish

light fragments

                          - Kaji Aso

Farewell poem of last haiku written. 

young boy

dreaming of catching rainbow

he became rainbow

                                  - Kaji Aso

Every year we also remember and pray for the many lives lost in Japan on March 11, 2011 in the Great Tōhoku Earthquake.

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