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          Welcome to Kaji Aso Studio’s virtual presentation for TANABATA: An Ancient Story for Modern Times. This studio was started in 1973 inspired by universal artist and teacher, Kaji Aso. We hold classes and events throughout the year in both fine arts and Japanese culture. The studio provides a positive and supportive atmosphere for students and professionals to work together based on Mr. Aso’s philosophy that “sharing art is the most peaceful way for human beings to live together”.

          Theme shows are held throughout the year as a way to have artists, musicians, and poets collaborate on a central topic. The theme becomes a focus point, and also a springboard for our imagination and inspiration. Mr. Aso introduced us to Tanabata and every July Kaji Aso Studio holds an event based on this beloved summer celebration.              Due to the current world situation, this year’s Tanabata event took on a new meaning. More than ever we can relate to the couple’s longing, patience, and promise to be meet again. 
          Thank you to all the artists, musicians and poets for your participation and a special thank you to Samantha Tanzer for working diligently with me to weave this patchwork of creativity into this beautiful presentation.  Sincerely, Kate Finnegan, Executive Director KAJI ASO STUDIO



 TANABATA: An Ancient Story for Modern Times



Includes artworks by Kaji Aso, Katherine Sloss, Loretta M. Dixon,

Jessica Vohs, Takahiro Miyao,  Monita Rajbanshi, Ruth E. Khowais,

Kate Finnegan, Marj Layman


The Wishes- “Tanabata-sama”

Illustration, Lyrics & Vocal by Takahiro Miyao

and piano by Kunihiko Mura





Kaji Aso, Michiko Imai, Katherine Sloss, Tsuya Chinn,

Dominique Stassart, Brenda Jones, Pam Curtis,

Jessica Vohs, Natsuko Yamagata, Takahiro Miyao



 “Ideale” by Francesco Paolo Tosti (1846-1916)

lyrics by Carmelo Errico

Kaji Aso, tenor and Linda Papatopoli, piano




Jeanne Gugino, Kevin Gozzi, Leslie Eliet, Smit Shrestha,

Veda Daly, Katie Dupuree, Amy Walba



“Estrellita” (Little Star)  Manuel Ponce(1882-1948)

for Cello and Piano    Transcribed by Gaspar Cassado

Katie Chuang, cello          Christy Liao, piano



Michael Biales, Sarah Coletti, Lainie Senechal,

Samantha Eleanor Tanzer, Karen Klein, Harris Gardner,

Marita Gargiulo, Kate Finnegan, Jeanne Gugino, Marj Layman



“The Long Day”

poem by Kaji Aso

music by Mikiko Sato




Monita Rajbanshi, Katherine Sloss, Loretta M. Dixon,

Ruth E. Khowais, Dominique Stassart, Cecily Curtis, Pam Curtis,

Lainie Senechal, Takahiro Miyao, Marj Layman,

Kate Nordstrom, Jessica Vohs, Kate Finnegan



 “Gymnopedie 1 and 3” Erik Satie (1866-1925)

 Jun Toguchi, piano




Michael Biales, Sarah Coletti, John Ziemba,

Lainie Senechal, Takahiro Miyao, Kate Finnegan,

Harris Gardner, Karen Klein, Tsuya Chinn




“Tanabata Song” improvised by Jun Toguchi, piano




Scenes from Kaji Aso Studio & Symphony Park

with music by Takahiro Miyao

This project is supported and made possible through

the Transformative Public Art program of the

City of Boston Mayor’s Office of Arts and Culture.


Additional Thanks:

to the Friends of Symphony Park and 

the Boston Parks and Recreation Department.

Featured Artists, Musicians and Poets
Kaji Aso
Artist, Teacher, Menor

Michael Biales

Tsuya Chinn

Katie Chuang

Sarah Coletti

Pam Curtis

Cecily Curtis

Veda Daly

Loretta M. Dixon  

Katie Dupuree

Leslie Ann Eliet

Kate Finnegan

Harris Gardner

Marita Gargiulo

Kevin Gozzi

Jeanne Gugino

Michiko Imai

Brenda Jones

Ruth E. Khowaisl

Karen Klein

Marj Layman

Christy Liao

Takahiro Miyao

Kate Nordstrom

Linda Papatopo

Monita Rajbanshi

Mikiko Sato

Lainie Senechal

Smit Shrestha

Katherine Sloss

Dominique Stassart

Samantha Tanzer

Jun Toguchi

Jessica Vohs

Amy Walba

Natsuko Yamagata

John Ziemba

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