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"Moment of Being" by Katherine Sloss wat

"A Beginning Point of Future Art"
inspired by the teachings of Kaji Aso

Coming to YouTube in 2022.

This program is FREE.

And THANK YOU everyone for coming to the

Premiere Virtual Live Event 

that was held on Sunday, April 25th!

Image: "Moment of Being" by Katherine Sloss waterciolor 1991

     In the early 1970's, Kaji Aso developed a project to help students realize a foundation on which to build an understanding and direction for painting today. Over the years he continued to develop this project and before his passing worked with students to transcribe "The Dot Project" into a series of lectures and exercises. 

     This program will be a small introduction to how The Dot Project came into being, some of its core aspects and future possibilities. It will also relate the structure of painting to the structure of haiku; and demonstrate how well constructed visual elements can present one unified concept.

     Most recently, in some of the watercolor classes,, we have taken advantage of this focused moment of zoom lessons to dig in again to this valuable project. This program will also include brief commentary and / or examples by  Ana Gabriela Anaya, Deborah Cake, Pam Curtis, Loretta M. Dixon, Katie Dupuree, Kate Finnegan, Jeanne Gugino, Elizabeth Goldman, Brenda Jones, Ruth E. Khowais, Marj Layman, Allysen Mattison, Kate Nordstrom, Heather Raineri, Katherine Sloss, Ginny Such, Lainie Senechal,
S. E. Tanzer, and Alison Tolman-Rogers.


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