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"Meeting Again"

Pru 2014- Kaji Aso Galaxy and Fireflies, Mississippi River watercolor & gouache 1984.jpg

"Galaxy and Fireflies, Mississippi River"©1984 Kaji Aso watercolor & gouache

Tanabata Song- Mikiko.png

Mikiko Sato performs Tanabata Song

Sun Meets Moon Again- Takahiro.png

Image above: by Takahiro Miyao

Premiered on July 8th and July 9th

NOW on YouTube


for TANABATA 2022 YouTube Playlist

Presentation of Tanabata Story

* Tanabata song by Mikiko Sato * Video by Takahiro Miyao
* variety of paintings and poems in celebration of this year's Tanabata theme of  "Meeting Again"

This event is FREE and open to the public. 

Donations are welcome. 


Featured Artists, Musicians and Poets

Kaji Aso

Artist, Teacher, Mentor

Anna Belkin

Michael Biales

Tsuya Chinn

Betsy Clarke

Sarah Coletti

Pam Curtis

Veda Daly

Loretta M. Dixon  

Leslie Ann Eliet

Kate Finnegan

Harris Gardner

Jeanne Gugino

Michiko Imai

Ruth E. Khowais

Esther Lable

Marj Layman

Erin Palazzolo Loparo

Kaho Matsumura

Takahiro Miyao

Kate Nordstrom

Irma Rappl-Wilson

Mikiko Sato

Carl Seglum

Lainie Senechal

Katherine Sloss

Patricia Stimpson

Alison Tolman-Rogers

Jessica Vohs

Amy Walba

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