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Stars Meet at the Silver River ©2005 Kaji Aso pen & ink - Copy.jpg


"Meeting Again"

Two events

IN-PERSON by RESERVATION: Friday evening July 8th at 7 pm

viewing of artwork followed by a music performance by Mikiko Sato and video by Takahiro Miyao. There will also be a wishing tree. Please note: the event is approximately one hour long and no refreshments will be served.


ONLINE: Saturday evening July 9th at 7 pm 

presentation of Tanabata Story, Tanabata song by Mikiko Sato, Video by Takahiro Miyao with with a variety of paintings and poems in celebration of this year's Tanabata theme of Meeting Again. 

These events are FREE and open to the public. 

Image to left: "Stars Meet at the Silver River"©2005 Kaji Aso pen & ink


Tanabata Story and Song

with Mikiko Sato

Art, Music and Poetry 

various artists inspired by

the theme "Cosmic Travel"

and video

"Night on Tanabata Railroad"

by Takahiro Miyao

(Homage to Kenji Miyazawa’s

“Night on the Galactic Railroad”)


Image above: by Kathy Johnson


Image above: by Takahiro Miyao

Featured Artists, Musicians and Poets

Kaji Aso

Artist, Teacher, Mentor

Michael Biales

Sarah Coletti

Pam Curtis  

Katie Dupuree

Leslie Ann Eliet

Kate Finnegan

Harris Gardner

Marita Gargiulo

Jeanne Gugino

Michiko Imai

Brenda Jones

Kathy Johnson

Ruth E. Khowais

Marj Layman

Takahiro Miyao

Kate Nordstrom

Mikiko Sato

Lainie Senechal

Katherine Sloss

S.E. Tanzer

Alison Tolman-Rogers

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